Top 5 Online Casino Games

Are you fond of playing games at the casino? Now, you can satisfy your cravings online as there are an overwhelming number of online casinos that offer you an exciting range of games to choose from. Whether you are a fan of slot machines, baccarat or blackjack, you will not be disappointed. The best part about playing your favorite games at an online casino is that you can continue to play for free if you wish to. Those who do not have access to online casinos in their respective countries can try the list of offshore casinos on basketballinsiders that are reliable. You will find some of the best offshore casinos ranked in the site.

Apart from the aforementioned casino sites, if you are a sports fan and interested in sportsbook, you may place bets on your favourite sport. Legendary online sportsbook and casino site offers followers of prominent sports including football, tennis, and cricket an unrivalled betting experience. Check out the list of reputable online neue sportwettenanbieter Deutschland, which includes a list of reputed providers from Germany, offering the finest bonuses, payouts, and odds. To get back to the focus, here are the most popular 5 online casino games that you can try your luck in:

  1. Online Slots: You can never get tired of playing slots in a casino. While there are many classic arcade games and table games for the more serious players, slots are a favorite with both casual and serious gamers. You can try out both the paid and free versions and choose from options including the classic 3-reel slots, video slots, 5-reel slots, multiplier slots, progressive jackpot slots, and virtual reality slots. The slots draw maximum crowds both at live and online casinos. The main reasons being slots are rather easy to play and have high payouts.
  2. Caribbean Stud Poker: You may have played it all your life but even now you will be surprised at the variations that the game has to offer. The Caribbean Stud Poker sounds fancy alright but is similar to the traditional 5-card stud game that one could play with grandparents. The rules are simple and the dealer deals out five cards face downward to start off. To play this game online, you can choose either a live dealer or an automated online table. The live dealer option is similar to a live casino dealer as you can view him through a live-streaming cam at the table.
  3. Online Craps: You must have felt the adrenaline rushing every time you threw the dice at the craps table. While online craps cannot give you the same thrill you should try this online recreated version. You can always engage in online craps with live croupiers through live streams that will help you relive that feeling. But the real reason of having craps online is to make this exciting and popular game more accessible, quicker, and affordable for casino lovers. to choose a casino to play online craps, you should look at the visual effects their software offers because there will not be much difference amongst online casinos in terms of payouts.
  4. Blackjack: This is unarguably the most popular casino game whether you are playing online or at a live casino; the main reason being that it is easy to master. If you follow a proper strategy you will enjoy a fair payout. Its basic rules are simple and you only have to get cards adding up to 21 or closest to the figure. Online blackjack offers many variations that are more exciting and intriguing than the original. Online blackjack allows you to enjoy more table limits, mode side bets, more variations, and 24x7x365 play.
  5. Baccarat: This casino offering has been glamorized in Bond movies and promises to be a lot of fun. You will find different kinds of players taking a liking to it. The rules are easy-to-follow and perfect for a novice to try his hand at. You will come across many online variations of baccarat and can choose the one that is most appealing and fetching you the biggest wins. The best part is you can play this for free at an online casino before using real money at the baccarat table.